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we began walking THERE we have been is a performance for two performers and flashlights, which are operated by the two. The choreography is made of simple actions, focused on the interaction of light with body image/movement. As the performers simultaneously are operators and actors, so is the light. At times, its movement becomes the main player, so it’s perceived as an entity, a body. Other times, it illuminates another body or location.


we began walking THERE we have been is composed through a mirroring logic, meaning each action always reflect something of the previous one. The result is a detailed performance, in which each step, location and action are precisely measured and contributing to the overall visual, musical and sometimes magical experience.

Choreography and performance: Özlem Alkis and Maayan Danoch

Artistic consultation: Ivan Mijacevic, Miha(sonda3)

Music: Ivan Mijacevic

Visuals: Miha/sonda3

Production: Özlem Alkis and Maayan Danoch

Co-production: tanz.tausch festival

Photography: Meyers Originals, Arale the burning aperture

Supported by Kunststifutung NRW, ZAIK, Ehrenfeldstudios Köln, Senat Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin 


Premiere: December 2015, tanz.tausch festival, Cologne, Germany 

Further performances: Tanz NRW Festival, Cologne, Ada Studios, Berlin, Germany, GT22, Maribor, Glej Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Queer Zagreb, Rojc Social Center, Pula, Puppet Theatre, Zadar, Croatia, Magacin / Station, service for contemporary dance, Belgrade, Fabrika Student Cultural Centre, Novi Sad, Serbia, Kino Kultura / Locomotiva, Skopje, Macedonia, Dodest, Podgorica, Montenegro, Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art and Culture, Tel Aviv, Israel     

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