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Two performers work with a score. They implement several operations onto a simple movement pattern, which allows them to access it differently as they negotiate, challenge, question and relate to the pattern while accumulating information and details. Constructing and revisiting, creating and repeating happen simultaneously, as they go, producing memory. Thus, a pattern becomes a place, a movement a gesture, an action an image. The two meet in a state of not-relating, oscillating between what have just happened and could potentially be. 

The choice to establish and work with a score as oppose to create a set choreography was not made by any means out of affinity to improvisation, or at least not to an improvisation that puts one in a mode of searching for or exploring different “doings” - exactly the opposite; the score defines an activity that one does and re-does and re-does. It is through the re-doing, through staying in a situation, in a structure that one starts to recognise and acknowledge difference. Difference becomes then included. It is recognised as a part of the pattern and cannot be separated any longer. In this case repetition is used in order to realise what something can be. It is understood as a tool not as a mode, as a structure and not a state. So in fact one uses repetition in order to avoid repeating, in order to differentiate from it. 

In this process the unset is revealed. The score unfolds what it doesn’t define, what manages to escape; the way one is in the ”doing” - responses to the score, and his/her relation to the other. In this gap opened by unfixed modes of relating one finds a type of liberty, perhaps liberty that has potential to undermine change rather than expansion. One through which relations are made and fall apart and meaning emerges and dissolves. 

Choreography: Maayan Danoch 

Co-creation and dance: Jasmin Hoffer and Markus Tomczyk

Music: Ivan Mijacevic 

Artistic advice: Ozlem Alkis 

Further score adaptations were created and performed by: 

Or Avishay, Dotan Dvir, Nitsan Lederman, Kerem Shemi (site specific version) 

Or Avishay and Ewa Szubstarska

Maria Golding and Karoline strys

Maayan Danoch 

Premiere: April 2013, Centre of Contemporary Dance (ZZT), Cologne

Further performances: Katalyst Festival, Studiobühne, Cologne, DE, Barbour Gallery, 4 Rooms and a Balcony - an interdisciplinary event, Jerusalem, Fun Fun Festival, Tel Aviv, IL.

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