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Telepathy Works is a mental-physical practice, through which two persons enter an imaginary emphatic process with each another. Thus, it seeks to trigger our inherent ability to collectively connect, consciously and physically, and to promote telepathy as a human ability that can be developed rather than a supernatural phenomenon.

I have been developing the practice since 2013 in Cologne/Germany, Tel Aviv/Israel and Seoul/South Korea. In 2019, I presented the practice in public space in the context of Front@ Festival for Contemporary Dance in Murska Sobota/Slovenia. Presenting the practice in public space aims to raise awareness towards non-verbal modes of communicating, connecting and being with others. It asks to remind us that our human capacity for engaging in such practices exists in each one of us. 

Concept, direction, choreography: Maayan Danoch 

Performers and co-creators in Murska Sobota:

Hana Alhadi, Francesco D’Amelio, Margherita Dello Sbarba, Anamaria Klajnscek, Tea Maršanić, Karolina Gaja Rupnik Caruso, Mia Štark, Julia Keren Turbahn, Kaja Vajdetic, Ema Weixler

Supported by: The Platform for Artistic Research, Exchange and Dissemination/Cologne Dance Centre, Alferd Cooperative Institute for Art and Culture, Tel Aviv/Israel, Seoul Dance Centre Residency Program, Seoul/South Korea, Front@ Festival for Contemporary Dance, Murska Sobota/Slovenia. 


Presentations took place in the Academy of Media Arts Cologne/Germany, Seoul Dance Center, Seoul/South Korea, Front@ Festival for Contemporary Dance, Murska Sobota/Slovenia. 


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