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The performance Sitting on a Fence creates an interface between the performer and the public. Wishing it would be perceived as a social gathering it shares private and public situations arouses sensations, feelings and emotions. Sitting on a Fence blurs the rigorous borderers of the conventional yet illustrates the invisible fence each of us carries within. 


Concept, choreography, performance: Maayan Danoch

Assistance to the process, music composition, translation: Ivan Mijačević

Costume Design: Stanka Vauda 

Light Design: Markus Nylaander, Maayan Danoch

Production: ZULK

Executive producer: Polona Červek

Co-production: Plesna Izba Maribor, Povod

Photography: Sasa Huzjak

Supported by Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities

Premiere: April 2009, Galerija Dom KULTure, Ptuj 

Further performances: Platforma, Maribor National Theater, Mihaliceva Galerija, Ptuj, SI, Toihaus, Salzburg, AT, 13th Teaterfest, Sarajevo, BA

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