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Research Project: METAPHORS IN DANCE  



Metaphors in Dance and Audio Visual Materials is an on-going research project, initiated by Maayan Danoch and developed in dialogue with the dancer, Anja Bornsek, and the PhD candidate in Linguistics of Sign Language, Gal Belsitzman. The project investigates how metaphors can be understood within non-verbal and physical modality of dance. It aims to develop movement materials that establish metaphoric relations between movement units and/or still images, to analyses them and reflect on how these relations could be read. In addition, it discusses and compares how metaphors work and are constructed in the visual modality of Sign Language and how they relate or differ from the construction of metaphors in dance. 

The topic and process of research naturally pulls into the foreground the relationship between the articulation of movement and the reading, logic or meaning arising from it. The research addresses questions such as; how the specificity of articulation acts on the viewer, influence how they perceive and read into the dance? how consistency or inconsistency of form effects the viewer’s engagement and possibility to read into the dance? how a meaningful perceptual change is articulated through a minimal change in movement parameters (i.e. direction, duration, speed, coordination, intention)? how the same content can be carried through different forms and can it be recognised? and more.

Direction: Maayan Danoch

Development: Gal Belsitzman, Anja Bornsek and Maayan Danoch 

Production: Fundacija Sonda

Supported by Maribor Municipality, JSKD Residency Program Ljubljana and GT22, Maribor

Presentations: GT22, Maribor and Studio Cepetka JSKD, Ljubljana/Slovenia  

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