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Legging is an intermedia project that is based on the interaction between video projection and live performance. I use video recording to capture and isolate a moving leg from the rest of the body. Projecting the video and simultaneously performing the same leg sequence unfold unexpected interactions between the actual live body and virtual projected one. 

The project is developing into two outcomes:


- a series of short videos that presents the coming together of virtual and actual leg in different physical constellations. Part of their movement compositions, they join together into one entity, create a kaleidoscope like images, chase one another, replace one another, becoming two actors/players in one composition.


- a performance work that includes three layers of choreography: the choreography of the moving body, a moving image created through the interaction between live performance and video projection, and the movement of the projector. It evolves through accumulating and reducing more of the same moving leg and unfolds variations of a composition made through same elements. While creating visual images, it also reveals the process through which they are made and demonstrates a disillusioned approach towards theatre. Playing on the border of illusion and disillusion, real and virtual, outcome and process, it has a disorienting effect.     


Choreography, performance, video: Maayan Danoch 


Supported by Akademie Schloss Solitude 

Photos: Frank Kleinbach


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