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IN SITU/08.12.13

In “08.12.13”, I was interested to give attention to actions already embedded in the architecture and function of a particular place, the courtyard of the Alte Feuerwache. The courtyard connects and absorbs the happenings in this huge complex. It is a place to be or just pass by. Audience members are watching the collected actions from a window frame on the second floor while listening to a recorded text, which is at once describing what most probably would be happening right now and what had happened and most probably wouldn’t happen again. Both the text and window frame the choreographed actions; providing a state to observe from, a mood to enter. “08.12.13” brings into play not only what already was and is happening, but also the tension between actions that are staged and performed and actions that are just now occurring by others. Thus, it creates a place in a place, a moment in a moment, a story in a story.  

Choreography: Maayan Danoch

Performers: Charlotte Brohmeyer, Carmen Casagrande, Maja Kalafatic, Sebastian Krekow, Esta Matkovic, Ivan Mijacevic, Ronja Nadler 

Sound editing: Thomas Wansing

“08.12.13” was created and presented as a part of In Situ, a site specific performance parcour commissioned by tanz.tausch Festival 

Premiere: December 2013, tanz.tausch Festival, Cologne

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