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coda is a constant engagement of both the performers and audience members into sense making of the relationship between movement and arrest, between positions and positionings. This engagement brings about snippets of a moment that once was, through a play of images and timings.

Choreography: Maayan Danoch

Performance: Anja Bornsek and Stav Yeini

Music: Ivan Mijacevic

Photography: Matthias Peine 

Commissioned by novaTanz for the opening event of Tanzfaktur, Cologne

Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Cologne, the Ministry of Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sports of the Land Nordrhein- Westphalen and the Centre of Contemporary Dance, Cologne.

Premiere: June 2014, Tanzfaktur, Cologne. 

Further performances: Diver Festival, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Katalyst Festival, Orangerie Theatre Cologne, The Centre for Contemporary Dance Cologne, Tanzfaktur, Cologne

“The spectator requires concentration for witnessing a small movement, almost invisible, detectable only when sitting really close.. as of a continuous tremor in the fingers, a fluttering touch at the back of the neck, almost accidental. All these – alongside what seems to be such a private statement yet also universal – were seen in “coda”... the dancers Stav Yeini and Anja Bornsek succeeded to arrest at once, to then return and move from a new point. The moment of arresting, sometimes of braking, forced our gaze, and then – as out of a particularly long breath – the movement resumed within different arrangements and by displaying an interesting repertoire of movements, repeating in different variations. Throughout this attentive duet, the relationship between the dancers was maintained with a look or a gesture that seemed to be continuing the previous one, and with a timing that allowed this duet to stop, to move and never get stuck. Certainly it was the little movement, the almost hidden, that has suspended the moment.” 

Yael Efrati, Timeout Tel Aviv

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