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space-ballet emerged out of the fascination of working with objects; observing, acting with and responding to their qualitative features, as well as the space they create or in which they are found. The interaction between the body, object and space exposes movement, image and story-telling potentials, and unravels the object as a body in itself as it moves (and being moved), transforms and transmits feelings. Thus, space-ballet is a choreographic work for human and non-human bodies, and more precisely for two dancers, four (rather large) pieces of nylon, two mint candies and a documentation of a man-made grove.

The choreography advances step by step, unfolds through precision and rigor, builds up layer by layer. Initiated actions reveal movements and rhythms, which assemble into an almost serial sequence of images. Each image is independent from the previous one but holds a common denominator, emphasises the characteristics of each body and makes visible its poetic potential.


Choreography: Maayan Danoch

Performance: Shiri Teicher Sabach and Maayan Danoch 

Photography: Gadi Dagon 

space-ballet was created in the frame and with the support of Kelim Choreography Residency Program

Premiere: September 2015, Diver Festival, Machsan 2, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 

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