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Seeing From (T)Here  is based on the interaction between two highly sophisticated and intelligent entities; the human body and AI(artificial intelligence) based technology. In this work, both entities perceive-interpret and move-respond to their surrounding, through bodily movement or projected visual image. 


A video camera that is controlled by a robot’s arm captures live video footage of the space. The video is merged with drawing elements such as deep learning in AI. Thus, an altered image of the actual space is produced and projected in the space. The performer responds in actual time to the different elements in the space; her bodily movement, the movement of the robot and the framing of the video camera. 


The moving body, robot and visual projection function as different layers of the space. In some moments, the visitors will be able to view them separately from each other, to see only one of them. In other moments, they will be able to view them simultaneously as they come together and form one single picture, which encompasses their different and perhaps contradictory perspectives.


Choreography and performance: Maayan Danoch 

New media: Youngkak Cho 

Supported by Seoul Dance Centre Residency Program 


Presented at Seoul Dance Centre, Seoul

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