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Fractions for 3 performers and Approximately 21 Objects 

In “four like it is”, three performers deal with selected objects found in the concert/performance space. They take actions with or without objects, creating visual and sonic interactions, writing a performance. This music-dance composition is a result of a non-hierarchical collaboration between artists from the fields of music and dance, based on their common commitment to be fully present and involved in all stages of the creation process.   

"When we came together to create "4 like it is" we committed to and were driven by the idea of developing a work together, equally engaged in the process of making throughout all its stages without distinguishing functions and disciplines. We focused on establishing a common ground, a setting upon which we can start a dialog, develop a language. We chose to work with objects as meditators between movement and sound, to interact with them by employing a methodology of response; taking action through and with the objects based on each individual perception of the composition being made. Unfolding of a composition, making choices in space and time while observing and experiencing their effects; affecting while being affected became guideline for our practice. In this practice one can say that a response amplifies perception, an object amplifies the body, sound amplifies an object. Besides those casual relations, which tend to emphasise the point of origin, a source or a motive for sound or movement, we are interested in becoming more conscious of other relations possible. Ones, in which music and dance stop to exist as music and dance, in which they join in a organisation that does not point out the different senses they employ, in which they only serve as two elements of the same entity, in which they belong and they speak through one channel of perception, in which one sense merges into another, complete the other, continues the other, in a way we start to wonder whether we listen or see. Perhaps we won't wonder on this at all, but rather sail on their vibrations." 

Creation and performance: Maayan Danoch, Ivan Mijacevic and Goni Peles 

“four like it is” was commissioned by “Composer-Choreographer Project”


Premiere: November 2012, Marathon Ha’Teiva, Jaffa

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